We Will Have A Word On ADE

A whole year has passed and very soon the next ADE starts. The whole electronic music industry is in anticipation. What is new this year? What topics are most relevant?

Everyone has a lot of questions and expectations from this event. And we, in turn, are ready to partially disclose them. Of course, the topic will be «The ghost production».

Our company has already been announced as speaker on ADE. The topic of shadow production is gaining more and more excitement and is becoming openly discussed. People are interested to learn more about the future of such production, about the impact on the music industry globally, about personal opportunities and prospects in this area, about running such a business and progress, about competition and cooperation.

We are pleased that our founder Alex has become a speaker. We even satisfied, because this means that we have contributed to the development of custom production and have reached the open conversation level. Of course, this is only part of our goals and achievements. We made a platform where we, producers from countries with bad economics can earn money by doing music and do a ‘sort of living’ out of it. And our company gives this opportunity to more and more people. Moreover, for the majority of employees this is the main income, thanks to this they turned their hobby into a job and now have profit from what they can do best. Is this not one of the components of a happy life? Therefore, on October 19, Alex will also address the theme of earnings by selling the music.

There are a lot of talented “local” DJs and musicians in the world, as well as ambitious guys who want to start writing music and performing. Obviously, most of them won’t gain popularity, won’t reach the labels and won’t receive the cherished recognition. What is the result? First, disappointment, because talented people are more vulnerable than ordinary people. Secondly, there are problems with the time management. Everyone needs work, but it is still morally impossible to quit a hobby, and we all know how much time and effort is spent on writing and touring. There is thus more difficulties. Therefore, greater attention must be given to the branch of shadow music production. Specifically, our company has already given a lot of jobs and continues to recruit employees, increasing not only the number of employees, but also expanding the set of responsibilities and authority.

So, we invite all those who wish to do so!

16:00 – 16:30

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