How it works

For buyers

Sometimes it's hard to find ready-to-use track in our shop that fits your needs.
Or you just need a personal approach?
That's where our in-house production team with years of experience kicks in!
We can help you create or finish your new song, track, a remix exactly the way you want it.
We also provide mixing and mastering services, melody production and intro production for your blog or dj set.

How to get started.

Working process step by step.

  • Let us know your idea

    Once you have a project in mind, click 'Start a project today!' to get started. You’ll then see a form that you should fill out. Please let us know your ideas and wishes. Go in as much detail as you can. Include a reference track so that we can know which genre and sound we should stick to.

    Original tracks. Your message with a Soundcloud or Youtube link as a reference track is usually enough for us to get started on your project. Please be specific and let us know all your criteria.

    Remix. Let us know which track you want to remix with a streaming link. Make sure you provide us with a remix pack download link. If it's a vocal track and you don't have a remix pack – find an acapella and send it to us. If it's a competition – send us a link with information about it and set deadlines.

    Co-creation.  Send us a Soundcloud link with your track/idea and a reference track. Then we will review your track and let you know if it's possible to take it to the next level. If your track is approved by our producers then you will be required to send us WAV multitrack stems and MIDI files. We can also improve your track directly in your DAW project and send the files back (extra charge).

  • Asigning order to the producer

    Once we have your specifications within 24 hours of your request we will assign it to our best producer that fits your project.

  • Free demo/Contract/Payment

    In 2-5 days the producer creates a watermarked demo preview for you. Once you have checked the demo, you can choose from the following options:

    A. Approve and continue working with the demo. At this point we will discuss the deadline, sign a contract and you'll pay 100% of the price.

    B. Give us more details if you aren't satisfied with the demo and we will make a few more demos for your approval. If the following demos do not meet your expectations we'll simply stop the project. You do not have to pay anything at this point, because we don't charge any price for a demo preview.

  • Arrangement phase

    The producer will work on the approved demo. We create numerous versions of the track until you are completely happy with it. Of course you can give us feedback anytime.

  • File transfer

    The final product will be sent to you for your approval. If you like it - we create and send you the approved package with all necessary files from your order.

Frequently asked questions

    Still have any questions?

    Feel free to ask them to our support team. We will give answers as soon as possible.