How it works

For buyers

Maybe you can’t find the exact ready-to-use track in our shop to fit your needs. Or maybe you just need a more personal approach. This is where our expert in-house production team comes in!

We can help you finish your song, track, or remix – or create it entirely from scratch – exactly how you want it. We also provide mixing and mastering, melody production, and intro production for your blog or DJ set.

How to get started

  • Let us know your idea

    Once you have a project in mind, click Start a project today! to get going. This is where you let us know all your ideas and what you want the finished product to sound like. Go into as much detail as you can. Include reference tracks, so we know which genre(s) and sound(s) we’ll be working with.

    Original tracks. Your message, with a Soundcloud or YouTube link as a reference track, is usually enough for us to get started on your project. But please be as detailed and specific as you can. Let us know all your criteria.

    Remix. Let us know which track you want to remix with a streaming link. Make sure you provide us with a link to download the remix pack. If it's a vocal track, and you don't have a remix pack, find an acapella and send it to us. If it's a competition, send us a link with details of the event, including deadlines.

    Co-creation. Send us a Soundcloud link with your track/idea and a reference track. Then, we'll review your track and let you know if it's possible to take it to the next level. If your track is approved by our producers, you’ll then be required to send us WAV multitrack stems and MIDI files. We can also improve your track directly in your DAW project and send the files back, for an extra charge.

  • Assigning your order to a producer

    Once we have your specifications, we’ll assign it to the ghost producer that best fits your project, within 24 hours.

  • Receive a free demo, sign the contract, and complete payment

    Within 2–5 days, the ghost producer will create a watermarked demo preview that's 1-2 minutes long. Once you’ve checked the demo, choose from the following:

    Approve and continue working on the demo. At this point, we'll discuss the deadline, sign a contract, and you'll pay 100% of the price.

    Give us more details. We’ll make one more new demo according to your feedback. If this fails to meet your expectations, we'll simply stop the project, and you won’t have to pay a penny. We don't charge anything for our demo previews.

  • Arrangement

    The producer will work on the approved demo. We create multiple versions of the track: We don’t stop until you’re completely happy. You can give us feedback at any time.

  • File transfer

    An MP3 version of the final product will be sent to you for your approval. If you’re happy with it, we’ll send you the full package, including a master, unmastered files, MIDI, and all stems in WAV format.

The details

  • How exactly do I get going?
    - Register for a buyer account.
    - Log in, go to your dashboard, and select the service you’re interested in.
    - Tell us what you’re looking for. Include example tracks for reference.
    - We’ll be in touch via email once we’ve analyzed your request.
  • How much time does it take to finish a production?
    It depends on the project’s complexity.
    Usually, it takes 5–10 business days to turn it into a fully realised track.
    Mixing and mastering, melody composition, and DJ set intro productions take 2-3 days.
  • Do you work with singers and songwriters? I want to have a vocal on my track.
    Unfortunately we don’t provide this service.
    We can only make instrumental tracks. You'll have to take care of the vocal.
    Once we've finished with the instrumental track arrangement, you can start searching for a songwriter.
    However, if you send us a tuned and time-stretched acapella that’s ready for mixing, we can add these vocals to the track for free!
  • Which genres and styles do you work with?
    We work in absolutely every genre of electronic dance music.
    Just show us what you’re interested in, and it’s more than likely we can produce something in that genre.
  • Can you work with my audio files (samples) or MIDI?
    We’ll first need to check if the quality meets our standards, but yes! We really love collaborating with our clients!
  • I want my own track to sound like a professional EDM track. Can you help me?
    Yes, we can!
    Send us a link to your track, and we’ll let you know if it can be fixed either by mixing & mastering or through our co-creation service.
  • What’s the difference between ordering a co-creation and a custom-made original track?
    Co-creation rates are applied when you send us your project file or multitrack stems that need improvement. The minimum number of stems (tracks in a project) for a co-creation should be 10. Otherwise, we'll treat your order as a custom-made original track.
    There should be more than just an acapella vocal or harmony for the co-creation price to apply, as we'll have to build between 20 and 100 more tracks to make your finished tune.
  • Can I have any influence over the production of my track?
    Sure! The best time to give us your feedback is after you’ve received your first demo from us. We keep working on it according to your requests and only charge you when you’re satisfied with our work.

    After your order has been paid for, you cannot request major changes, such as to the main melodies, sound design, or reference tracks. However, small edits to custom tracks – such as mixing, adding FX and samples, or changing the arrangement – are absolutely fine.

    Try to send all your ideas as a single email and give precise feedback including the timestamps where you would like changes to be made. We really appreciate organized and structured feedback, and it ensures an end result that's closer to your brief.
  • What do I receive in the final package?
    Your final package contains:

    - Mastered and unmastered files, both as 44.1kHz/16-bit WAVs and 320kbps MP3s
    - Labeled 16-bit wet tracked-out stems (with names like “Kick”, “Lead1”, “Lead2”, “Clap1”, and “Clap2”)
    - MIDI files of the main melodic instruments
    - A contract including a non-disclosure agreement and full transfer of authorship and copyright to you
    - An instrumental version (if vocals were used in the track)
    - Extended and radio mixes (on request)
  • How do you deliver the files?
    Dropbox. You'll get private links both during and after the production process.
    Please note that we only store files on our Dropbox account for 30 days.
    You are responsible for downloading the final package to your computer.
    We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to recover lost files after 30 days from final delivery.
  • Do you send the project files to your clients?
    Yes, we do! Project files cost an extra $200, as they offer valuable insight into a ghost producer’s production technique. Do bear in mind that, as well as software plugins, we use hardware and DSP plugins, so you may encounter problems when opening a project file on your computer if you do not have the requisite plugins.

    As standard, we provide you with multitrack stems. Each track from the project is saved and exported as a WAV file. This is usually enough for you to play around with and make a remix.
  • Will I receive a contract for the project?
    We provide a certificate of authentication that includes all the necessary information about the project, including privacy, term, deadline, and payment details, as well as a non-disclosure agreement and transfer of rights.
  • Can I buy one of the tracks on your Services page?
    Sorry, this is not possible. The demos are there simply to represent the quality of our sound and production, but we'll be happy to make you a brand new track that is similar to what you hear on that page.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    This is a commercial service focused on business clients, and as such, we don’t offer discounts on individual custom-made tracks. We do, however, provide discounts when you order multiple tracks and pay 100% in advance. Contact us for more information on any deals we may be able to offer you.
    If you don't wish to pay the full amount in advance but want to get a discount - we recommend getting a PRO membership to save 10% on your orders!
  • What payment options do you accept?
    The easiest, safest, and most popular payment method is PayPal.
    You can pay with your PayPal balance or pay through PayPal with your credit card (including Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro). We also accept debit cards, crypto payments, Zelle, and wire transfers.

    Please note that all transaction fees must be paid by the client. Payment is required in full after confirming your demo. Payment must be made in one single transaction.
  • How do I know it’s safe to work with EDM Ghost Production?
    - You don't have to pay until after you’ve received your free demo. If you wish to proceed, only then will we ask for 100% of the price in advance. This is how we make every deal absolutely risk-free. If you don’t like something, don't pay for it!

    - Paying via PayPal gives you Purchase Protection for Buyers™.

    - Our platform has been featured in publications such as Mixmag and DJ Mag and has appeared at the Amsterdam Dance Event, the International Music Summit in Ibiza, and Dancefair.

    - We are approved by the Association for Electronic Music as a DJ-focused download site which licenses content legitimately from artists and remunerates accordingly.
  • Can I get a refund?
    No. Once you have approved the demo, paid for the service, and signed the contract, there are no refunds.
  • Why should I choose EDM Ghost Production for custom-made tracks?
    You are guaranteed a bespoke product, created from scratch, based on an exclusive idea, with an original melody and top-quality sounds. You want custom-made? You get custom-made.

    Our prices are fixed. We never try to sell you an improved product for a higher price. We offer you top quality from the beginning! Just compare our demos with those of other ghost production websites, and you'll hear the difference.

    Our producers regularly release music on major labels themselves, so they know what’s trending and what’s likely to be popular in coming months.

    We’re the only ghost production company providing custom-made services that is accredited by the Association for Electronic Music.
  • Can you guarantee that my track will be signed to a label?
    Unfortunately not.

    There’s no way we can guarantee that your track will be signed to a label or will hit Apple Music’s or Spotify’s top playlists or charts. That’s not part of the remit of ghost production; that’s what promotional services and managers are for.

    However, we can guarantee that you’ll receive a high-quality track that is similar to your reference track and that will be equal in quality to or better than the top Spotify & Apple tracks!
  • Why don't you provide any promotion, A&R help, or releases with commercial labels like the other companies do? I'd definitely pay for it!
    Good question!

    Lots of fake companies promise that they can make you the next superstar DJ, “guaranteeing” that your track will be signed to a top label. Please don’t waste your time and money believing such claims: Nobody can guarantee your track’s success.

    If it really was that easy, you would be seeing new artists appear every day, with releases on top labels. It doesn’t happen like that.

    Getting a record label deal today is a complicated process. Once you buy a track, you also have to build your profile by promoting yourself through social media, playing DJ gigs, growing your portfolio, and plenty more. You can do this artist management work yourself or with the help of professional manager/agency.

    Our role is to provide you with the best EDM audio production service, because that’s what we do, and we do it well.

    However, to help you on your way, we have created an outstanding database of email addresses and contacts to the world's top DJs and record labels. Use them to pitch your track for a release and deliver promos to A-list DJs for playing at festivals or on podcasts or radio shows. Get it for just $99
  • How can I prove that it was really me who produced the track?
    We’ve got your back, no matter what questions you may be asked. We can even make a screen recording of your tune playing in the DAW that you can upload to your socials.
  • I'm a ghost producer and would love to work for you!
    Our custom ghost production team is full, but we love hearing from producers who are willing to create tracks to be sold as readymade.

Still have questions?

Feel free to ask our support team. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can.