Have it your way.

  • Original track


    Looking for a ghost producer? EDM Ghost Production can help you create your new EDM song or track exactly the way you want it. Hire the best EDM ghost producer, with years of experience, to produce your original track from scratch.

  • Remix


    A remix is one of the best ways to get your DJ name out there on the EDM scene. Whether it’s for a competition, or you just want to shake up a popular track you love, our ghost producers have got it covered.

  • Co-creation


    With our EDM co-creation service, you get to collaborate with with one of the world’s best EDM ghost producers to develop your ideas and take your track to the next level, on your own terms.

  • Mix & Master


    Mixing down each track and mastering your tune are the final steps in music production. This is what ensures your song is of the highest quality, with a professional tone and proper loudness.

  • Melody creation


    Feeling stuck with your project? Run out of ideas? EDM Ghost Production is here to help. For just a small fee, we can write a top-class melody that will give your track next-level impact.

  • Intro for DJ set


    Be like David Guetta or Martin Garrix and start your show with an incredible intro. Demand the crowd’s attention, whether it’s in a small, sweaty room or at a huge outdoor festival!

This is our sound

You’ll be blown away by the quality of our tracks and the breadth of our range. Check out some examples of our work below. They’re all freshly made to represent the sound of 2024. None of our competitors in the ghost production industry offer quality tracks like this.

# Genre

Every project is unique and has its signature sound.

Each one of our tracks is a work of art, created by our experienced ghost producers in professional recording studios. Our crew is always plugged into what’s happening right now in electronic dance music. They travel the world in search of inspiration, from Ibiza to Berlin, Amsterdam to Miami, attending conferences and destroying dancefloors. We're proud to have a team packed with world-class ghost production talent.

We never overcharge.

Our prices are fixed, and so is our quality. We only offer you our best tracks. Plus, our deals are risk-free, as we only charge when you’re satisfied with the quality of your demo. We don’t make false promises of record deals or playlist placements: No one can guarantee that you’ll get signed by a major label. EDM Ghost Production can only guarantee that your track will boast the same quality as tracks in Spotify’s Top 100.

Know the score before you place an order

We’re sure you have a question or two. That's why we’ve developed a step‑by‑step guide and have answered a bunch of frequently asked questions.